BG Defender 1.5.10 now available

As usual, it is available here on

New version of BG Defender plugin for WoW 4.0.1

Update 10/28/2010: the 1.5.2 version is now available on Curse

I updated BGDefender to support WoW 4.0.1, a plugin I like to use in battlegrounds that is used to quickly announce incoming attacks on a node.

Download V1.5.2: here

  • Added options to select output chat channel
  • Improved status output
  • Save options for each character

Still to add for next version:

  • I am toying with re-applying the edits for the announcements – but if I do it I will do so on the Options page

Download V1.5.1: here

  • Added Wintergrasp support
  • Added Raid chat for output if in a raid instance (such as WG) instead of BG chat
  • Fixed initialization to now recognize if you reload or log into the instance instead of zoning in

Download V1.5.0: here or

  • added support for L10N, but would need input on zone names
  • removed changing of messages – a nice but not necessary feature
  • added support for WoW 4.0.1
  • fixed bugs (mousemoves, events, and others)
  • changed status ,essage to be informative and allow debugging

When you enter a battleground it will pop up the window as shown above. You can drag it around to your favorite spot.

When you are near a vital node, such as a flag or a tower, clicking on one of the buttons will send a battleground wide message. Press 1 will send [PLACE] 1 incoming, with [PLACE] being the node you are standing next to.

As I do plenty of bsttlegrounds, I find typing in inc notices tedious and distracting. Simply pressing a button gets it done quick and fast so no one is screaming at you “why didn’t you call out incs????”


WoW: Where to level a Hunter Pet to level 80 (Post 4.0.1 Patch)

In my previous article on the subject I described what I believe is one of the best spots to level a hunter pet in the game World of Warcraft.

With patch 4.0.1 I decided to add a number of pets so was once again faced with the daunting task of leveling them up to my character’s level.

End result: 15-20 minutes per pet level! Booyah!

Where to go: as in my previous article, head to Voltarus in Zul’Drak. Fly up inside and find Overlord Drakuru standing there with his two gargoyle-like guards. They are all un-targetable and will ignore you.

Immediately to the left and right of the guards though are the spawn spots for two geists. These things are almost insta-pop and are easily dealt with by a level 80 hunter. Add to the mix occasional geists that wander in from the corridors or from the center, as well as the guards that patrol the corridors to the left and right and flying mobs in the center, the challenge becomes looting stuff before another mob appears.

After a little less than an hour, my pet went from level 77 to 80, neither myself nor my pet took any damage worth mentioning, we made 100g on the junk and it cost 5g in repairs. The challenges were looting and dealing with the occasional message that someone would send – I had little downtime to reply to anything.

World of Warcraft: Soloing for Ashen Verdict Rep In Icecrown Citadel

I don’t know about other servers but the few people able to make the Shatter Rounds and Iceblade Arrows on my server have been ticking me off by charging an arm and a leg for them. As a hunter these items make a major difference. But as a hunter I have been annoyed spending most of the gold I make in game from the few dailies I have time to complete just to keep supplied with enough arrows.

To make a stack of 1000 arrows one needs to gather two crystalized shadows. These are essentially free items (a half hour of farming in WG and I gathered 90). The real cost to making the arrows is the Ashen Verdict reputation and the primordial saronite required to purchase the recipe.

The primordial saronite will cost 23 frost emblems or a bunch of cash on the AH. I spent the emblems (roughly 2 weeks worth) to get the saronite. To me it was worth it in order to get the recipe, but while I was doing the dailies and the weekly raids to get the frost emblems, I was also soloing most of the Ashen Verdict rep to get to honored.

Here’s how (note: this really works well for Hunter and Rogues – many others will be somewhat “challenged” for this to work).
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World of Warcraft plugin update: BGDefender

EDIT Oct 2010 – Updated version here.

I by no means wrote this plugin, but it is one I use a lot when I play World of Warcraft. Often I recommend people go get it, but alas the author no longer plays WoW, so he can no longer keep it up to date.

As such, I added minimal support for Strand of the Ancients and Isle of Conquest. I bet the German translation for the zone names is wrong, so if this is important to you, edit the section in the lua file to the correct zone information.

I by no means intend to support this. It is for my use that I made the changes, but feel free to make your own modifications if you feel like it.

Download Here

Perhaps you are wondering what it does? A simple dialog box that appears when you enter a battleground. When you are close to an important area, such as a flag, you can click on its buttons to send an announcement to the zone. Clicking 1 creates a message “Stables 1 incoming” if you were near stables. The same goes for 2, 3, 4, 5 and More than 5. As well there is a button to call for help and one to announce all is well.Pretty useful considering most people do not communicate very well and doing so is critical to winning in a battleground.

Power leveling a pet from 75 to 80 in 2 hours or less

[EDIT Oct 15, 2010] I updated this with a new article here. The previous article is still here for background.

In playing a hunter in WOW I have upon many occasions chanced upon a new pet with some ability or feature I wanted to add to my repertoire. The current design of the game allows for low level pets to auto level up to 5 levels below your current level. For a level 80 hunter, that means upon taming, your pet auto-levels up to 75.

Sounds really nice, considering before when you tamed that level 30 pet, it stayed at level 30 and you had to train it up for what seemed like forever…

Which brings me to the details of this post. The time still needed to train a new pet from level 75 to 80 is not negligible. Spending a bit of time each day might take perhaps a couple of weeks gaining XP for your pet from various mobs as you encounter them throughout your journies.

So here is how to get at least a level an hour.

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How I made 100′s of thousands of gold in WoW

Over the past few years of playing World of Warcraft, myself and a friend of mine stumbled upon a sure-fire method to acquire virtual gold in the game. Over time we have each likely made tens if not hundreds of thousands of gold. Although there is nothing mysterious about the process, it is amazing how many people have dismissed it as a possible revenue source. Even podcasts such as The WowInsider Show have mentioned the basic premise and then dismissed it out of hand. Why? Because everyone who has tried it did it wrong, except for those who did it right but kept quiet about it, and here’s why….

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