The BAD WORD Privacy Policy

Basically I despise Privacy Policies as they remind me of the Do Not Swim signs in front of the alligator pond. If you are too stupid to not know that swimming with alligators is a bad idea then perhaps you are too stupid to use the Internet. However…..

All websites hosted on my personal web server are owned by myself, Darren Popham.

I, along with any number of content contributors that I have invited to work on my sites, have periodically offered a wide variety of content and services that include items like gathering hacker information, services such as my Disney API, QR code background generator for video conferencing and offering resources for not thinking like an idiot (all of which are subject to change or go away without notice).

When you visit my site you are voluntarily providing me with a whole assortment of information. This includes things like your IP address, the type of browser you use, the pages on my site that you visit and much more. It is NOT my responsibility to itemize the information that you voluntarily give me. No. If this concerns you then I might suggest learning how the Internet works before grumbling at me. Afterwards you can go figure out and control what you want to tell me. It’s not up to me to police the information that you send. You’re the one giving it to me. Hell you could have just as easily emailed me all the same information, and then what? Do I become responsible for what you sent to me? Not bloody likely.

Think of it as if you are the village idiot shouting in the street about your personal hygiene for everyone to hear. Even though I might want to forget all about your hemorrhoid problems, once you shout all about it, there is no getting that genie back in the bottle.

As well in the operation of my sites I may put cookies on your system. Heaven forbid I leverage how the Internet works to provide services that rely on cookies to remember what you were doing, but alas in order for this thing called the Internet to work properly, sometimes cookies are used. If you don’t like this then turn off the damned cookies yourself. I might also suggest revisiting learning how the Internet works before having a fit over cookies. Would I expect you to swim if you’ve never been taught? No I wouldn’t. Should you use the Internet without knowing how it works? Absolutely not, but it is not my place to tell you to BAD WORD off and go away if you are too stupid to know how it works. It’s your choice to dive in.

What I can say though about the data I collect and the cookies I may provide is that I make no money off of selling anything to other parties. I may provide information free of charge, but I do not sell it (unless someone wants to buy it – let me know and I’ll happily update this policy).

However you may still be wondering what the hell I do with any data I do collect.

Well, I don’t really need to tell you since you voluntarily gave it to me, but nonetheless, I’ll explain.

I track the data for security purposes within my network. I use it to determine what traffic is legitimate or if the traffic is from some BAD WORD attempting to break in. Users and their data that fall into the latter group have any data they provide recorded for me to use in any way I see fit at any time in the future. This can include, but is not limited to, generating iptables/ipset rules, posting intimate details on my site or printing the data on toilet paper to wipe my BAD WORD with as an expression of how much I despise them.

So by visiting my websites, you agree to all terms outlined on this page. Everything you voluntarily give me is mine to do with as I wish. If you don’t want to give me anything, then solve that problem yourself. You have the tools so make use of them.

This policy is also subject to change at anytime without any notice whatsoever to anyone. If you are a policy junkie then I might suggest bookmarking and reloading this policy regularly. Why you would want to do that though is beyond me because if I never have to revisit this policy ever again then I am a happy camper.

Cheers, and have a good day 🙂