Welcome to my personal website. Among my blog postings, athiest content and news articles I also collect data on intruders attempting to break in to this server and make the data available for everyone to use.

I started collecting the intrusion data in 2009. Sometimes I run a honeypot and capture exactly what they are doing. Most of the time though I don't because I know what they are doing already: wasting their time. The data is available in many forms too. The Daily Intrusion Reports, the visual Country Maps showing the intruder locations, and the various block lists for ipset, iptables and peerblock are all updated automatically by my back-end processes and are available for you to download and make use of in any way you see fit.

The ssh attacks are funny as well since any connection they make to my server is just piped right back to their server. I wonder how long it will take them to guess their own password.........

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